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Our team attaches great importance to the thorough training of all employees.

We are continously up-dating our education in order to offer our patients a wide range of state-of-the-art treatment options.


Dr. Katharina Brase-Mitsch

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Dr. Katharina Mitsch brings the experience and know-how of a 3-year education at the University Hospital Zurich, Department of Geriatric Dentistry and Disability Dentistry into the practice.

A Master Course in regenerative periodontal therapy with Prof. Dr. Sculean and PD Dr. Aroca at the University Hospital Berne complete her education.

1979 Born in Scherzingen, Switzerland
1998 Abitur at the Heinrich-Suso-Gymnasium Constance
1998-2001 Music studies at the Music Academy Basel
2001 Teaching diploma
2001-06 Dentistry studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt
2002-05 Music studies at the Academy of performing arts and music Frankfurt
2005 Concert master in flute
2006 Professional licence in dentistry
2007 Jan. - Aug. dental assistant at the office of Dr. Reinhard Mitsch
2007-10 Assistant at the Department of Geriatric and Disability Dentistry Zurich
2010 Doctorate at the Department of Oral Surgery
2010 Sept. Entry in to the group practice of Dr. Reinhard Mitsch
2011 März Dr. Katharina Mitsch takes over the dental practice

Dr. Friedrich Mitsch

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